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Except for straight up gore, I go for pretty much anything that happens to a woman's body. Whether their bellies become ripe and burst, a stick of dynamite rips their body apart, or a buzz saw cuts them in half, I love a large variety of themes.

I also write much tamer erotica that I sell on Amazon, which is what I focus on when I'm not writing stories on here.

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As an experiment, I'd like to try out writing based on your prompts. Maybe this will help me feel like writing again!

Just comment a scenario you would like me to write. Make sure there's something unique about it, and something I'd enjoy writing. Not every prompt will get a continuation from me. I won't do a complete story, probably just a couple paragraphs at most.

"Predalien attacks pregnant woman." Doesn't mean much.

"Predalien attacks pregnant centaur." Is better, and while it is light on details, the centaur aspect makes it more unique.

"After being wounded by a wolf, a heavily pregnant centaur meets her fate as a predalien uses her as the perfect host for its embryos." Is what I'm looking for.



An orange glow flickered across an altar in the dead of night, adding to the already red glow emanating from the bloody lunar eclipse. Strapped to the stone slab was a terrified woman, who's sexiness didn't falter one bit from her ordeal. She was completely nude, save for the demonic runes that had been etched deep into her skin, mostly on her toned belly. All around her were tribal looking women, standing in a circle and chanting all the while looking up towards the moon. The woman had grown tired of screaming, which she began again as the runes on her exposed skin grew bright and filled her body with heat. Mere moments later, tightness grew in her lower belly and as she lifted her head to look down at herself, the most terrifying part of the night began. A small bump formed within her belly, and in no time at all, she rapidly grew like the months of pregnancy only lasted a few seconds each. The runes glowed brighter with each month in size, which also caused the heat to grow even more intense. As she neared the ninth month, stretchmarks formed along the runes, and the already red surface turned more so as her skin weakened. By time she thought her belly was at its limits, the whole form wobbled and pulsed from the demonic being from within. With one last blood curdling scream, the woman's belly tore open. Even if she stayed alive much longer, no one would have been able to hear her scream over the demon's own vile wailing into the night.


She never could have expected any of this to happen to her, having hoped that chairs moving and doors opening being the only strange things to happen within the abandoned facility. Here she was, completely bound to an exam table with her clothes fully torn free from her. The odd nurses that she ran into were the least of her concerns, as they had transformed into succubus looking creatures that had replaced some of their sexiness with vileness. As they didn't attack or harm her just yet, the restrained woman hoped that she would at least survive the encounter. That all changed when both evil beasts worked together and conjured a small portal which formed just between the frightened girl's spread legs. Her eyes went wide as a long, slimy appendage emerged from the glowing gate of hell, fearing the worst. She cried out as it suddenly shot out towards her, forcing its way deep inside of her pussy and impaling her cervix. The violator didn't hesitate a moment before the thick length pulsated powerfully, causing large bulges to leave the portal as well to be pumped inside of the woman's womb. It seemed like there was no end to them, allowing her to watch her belly swell right before her eyes. The nurses-turned-monsters observed her with intrigue, using their clawed hands to rub her growing belly and fondle her sensitive breasts. Just when she thought her belly was about to explode, the thick tentacle finally stopped pumping and vanished back into the portal, which closed right afterwards. Hoping she could just birth whatever it was that had been implanted into her, the eggs quickly began writhing around as they became active. She screamed, watching as stretchmarks form all over her taut mass. Before she could even think about pushing, a muffled tear came rumbling from within, signaling the tearing of her womb. Feeling too weak to scream much longer, she resigned herself and watched as her overly tight skin gave out, causing the demonic eggs to spill all over. Moments after her death, at least a hundred small, winged beasts filled the room, maturing quickly to fly away and spread havoc.


"MMM, so delicious!" The naive, young, elf woman said as she gobbled down the rainbow colored fruit. She noticed that even the seeds tasted delicious, convincing her to devour each and last one that the mysterious fruit had. When only the hard, rough husk was left, she tossed it onto the ground and began exploring the strange forest some more. After a few minutes, she noticed that her belly was feeling quite full, which normally only happened after a feast back in her village. Finally, enough time went by that she noticed some bloating, and not just a feeling. She had to untuck her shirt and open her pants some, as her belly puffed out an inch or too. "Ah man, why did this have to happen! I was hoping I could come back and enjoy that fruit again, but not if this is what happens." The puffiness continued to grow at a slow rate, but as it wasn't painful, she didn't feel worried. Coming around a tree, her eyes went wide and jaw dropped at what she saw. "Sk-skeletons!?" As she observed them, which looked like they had been here for a while with all the roots that had entangled around the bones, she rubbed her belly in the hopes of soothing it. Unable to figure out what had happened to them, she decided she should return home as quickly as she could and report her findings. Only taking a few steps, she stopped suddenly when a bolt of pain hit her right in her stomach. "Oohhh... Why did that fruit have to taste so good!?" As the pain subsided, she took another step but stopped once again when it returned. Feeling like she would topple over, she got onto her knees and rubbed her belly with both hands. She gasped as she looked down at it, seeing it visibly grow right before her eyes. Trying her best to stay calm, she did all the could and rubbed it some more, focusing her mind on the slight amount of pleasure it brought her.

Alongside growing bigger, she felt something else inside of her, like something was traveling within her inner workings. "Uuhhh... w-why does it feel like I ate a snake!?" The sensation continued for a few minutes until it felt like she had to go to the bathroom. Even as she tried to keep it in, something exploded out of her ass and tore through her pants. "What the hell!?" She cried out and turned her head. Right behind her, protruding from the hole in her pants, was a rather root-looking tendril that slithered around. The elf girl wanted to reach out and touch it, but that would mean letting go of her belly which had miraculously stopped growing. Content with its surroundings, the root impaled the dirt behind her and burrowed deep into it. When there was no more slack to the root-tentacle, it began pulling on her body towards the hole. "Hey, what are you doing!?" She tried her best to stay still, but with a swollen belly to tend to, her ass slid towards the hole until she was right over it. Fearing that she would be dragged underground, she sighed in relief as the tugging stopped. Unbeknownst to her, the root quickly spread under the ground, finding tons of nutrients and water to help with its growth. She felt movement start back up, but instead of the root pulling her down below, the entire length began to pulsate. From the end of the root to the entirety of it within her, she couldn't help but moan as the sensual undulating pleasured every nerve deep within her rooted body. "Ahh... maybe this fruit isn't so bad afterall..." Her moment of ecstasy was short lived as the pulsations were from the root pumping nutrients into her belly, helping what had sprouted from the swallowed seeds continue to grow.

She might have been shocked to watch her belly swell earlier, but now it grew easily twice as fast. Through all the pain and pleasure that flowed through her body, she managed to witness what looked like veins form all over her body. Spreading out from her belly, the veins were actually smaller roots that went to every part of her body. "W-what is happening to me!?" Feeling too weak to sit up, she laid back and softly rubbed her belly, feeling every inch of her body filling with roots. They never caused her much pain, but the idea of what was happening to her was worse than any pain that they could give her. All along her backside, smaller roots pushed through her skin and dug into the dirt, mending her to the ground completely. As she neared an elf looking nine months pregnant, her breasts grew as roots converged on her nipples. Both puffy nubs had roots shoot out of them, and while it was slightly painful, her vision was filled with the most beautiful flowers she had ever seen. Where her nipples once were, two blossoms bloomed in the sunlight, giving off an aroma that helped calm her. Roots also converged and exploded out of her swollen clit, growing upwards to form a stalk that an equally colorful and tasty fruit grew upon.

"I look... so pretty.... ohh, my belly..." After enjoying her body's transformation, her attention returned to her belly as the final growth was about to begin. Nutrients never stopped being pumped into her, and as the ground had plenty to collect, her belly just couldn't keep holding it all. Alongside all the roots just under her skin, stretchmarks and a deep reddening formed alongside them. The large form pulsed alongside each pump of nutrients, and as one final, large pulsation shot up into her ass from the ground, her belly exploded upwards. She was in such bliss that even the destructive event barely registered any pain, and just before she faded completely, she watched as a beautiful tree quickly grew towards the sky, becoming the best burial ground that anyone could wish for.


Everyone knew of zombies, and how to kill them, thanks to movies and video games. But nothing could have prepared the survivors for what they did to fresh meat. For some odd reason, zombies regenerated extremely fast instead of rotting away. They also had the instinct to feed themselves to victims. With both things combined, the longer that a zombie went without feeding themselves to someone, the thicker and curvier they became.

A petite, thin woman was running for her life, being chased by a horde of zombies. She had recently watched her shemale lover get turned into one herself, and while she escaped before the same could happen to her, she feared that her lover was within the horde. Alongside that fear, she secretly hoped that they were, as being turned by the one she loved would almost make it seem sensual. She ran and ran, nearly tumbling a few times. The dark alleyways were like a maze, especially when clouds blocked any moon light that might have been present. As soon as she reached the center of an alleyway with four routes, she knew she was doomed. Looking down each route was met with the sight of zombies, completely blocking her path. She just stood in place and spun around, overwhelmed by all the thick, curvy female zombies that wanted to stuff her full with their succulent bodies. Giving up, she got down on her knees and sobbed into her hands, listening as footsteps quickly descended upon her hungry body. From the corner of her eyes, she could see bare feet surrounding her on all sides, only inches away. Her sobbing was finally broken when something hot and heavy fell onto her head, which triggered her curiosity. Removing her hands and looking up, she gasped when the object turned out to be a meaty, succulent cock. Not only that, but she nearly broke into tears when she recognized that it belonged to her lover. "K-Kelly!?"

The reunion went a whole other route when the zombified lover suddenly grabbed her head and shoved the thick cock into her mouth. Having always thought and feared that zombie flesh would be putrid, it was actually rather tasty. Tastier than she remembered Kelly had been, like as if becoming a zombie caused flesh to taste so much better. The zombie Kelly pumped her hips furiously, acting without care of what it might do to the lithe woman. Each thrust tasted better than the last, getting to the point where she began sucking on the thick organ and even holding onto her zombie lover for support. Not only did it become more delicious, but she felt hungrier with every pump of the meaty dick. The thrusting continued for what felt like an eternity. She had hoped for an explosion of flavor from the cream filled balls, but when that never happened, there was only one last way she'd get a treat. Moving her hands to the fat balls and thick shaft, she took control and moved her head back until only the head of Kelly's zombie cock was within her mouth. After looking up into her dead lover's eyes for a second, she bit down and tore free the tasty glans.

Even with such a sensitive part torn free, the zombie shemale didn't scream, only moaning from the chomp. The lithe girl chewed up the morsel, which lacked any taste of blood, only resembling the most perfectly cooked and seasoned steak. There was almost no need to chew, as it was completely tenderized as well. After swallowing her first treat, she dove back in and quickly devoured the giant cock down to the balls. They too were torn free, causing an explosion of the best thing she had ever tasted.

After swallowing the last bit, she stood up and regained her focus. "Oh god, what am I doing!? This is so wrong, but I'm going to be a zombie anyways... and it tasted so good..." She was broken free from her moment of sanity when she noticed her lover's cock and balls had already grown back, but were very small as they had only just returned. Luckily, she was completely surrounded by equally tasty zombies. It seemed like they could detect that she enjoyed herself and craved for more, as they crowded even closer towards her.

"You all look so delicious, how am I supposed to-" They solved her plight as they tackled her to the ground, covering her head with their tastiest parts. Breasts, asses, thighs, and pussies were all shoved into her mouth, which were easily torn away by her teeth. She could barely chew and swallow a mouthful before more presented itself. The feeding took so much of her attention that she never paid any attention to how full she was becoming, causing her belly to steadily grow upwards. After nearly every zombie in the horde fed a piece of themselves to her, she got a lucky break and was allowed to come up for air. Swallowing her current mouthful, she finally realized just how much she had eaten. "Oh, my belly... it looks like I'm pregnant. But shouldn't I be a zombie by now?"

Before she could think much more about it, the sexiest, thickest, curviest zombie appeared right before her. She had to stand back up just to admire the sight. Not only that, but it also sported the biggest cock she had ever seen. It looked like as if they were related to a horse. "I'm so full... but I could never pass up desert." Even with a full belly, she ran and tackled the hot zombie to the ground. She quickly tore into the puffy belly, savoring every last bite. Although she wanted to see just how wonderful their cock tasted, she felt rather horny to pass up another need. Slowly standing up, she hurried and positioned herself over the towering, thick cock and brought it to her pussy. Wasting no time, she impaled her no longer thin body on the hard pole, praying that it didn't rupture her bloated form. "Fuck, I think my cervix just got torn apart!" Thanks to the breach of her womb, she managed to fit every last thick inch deep inside of her.

Having comfortably seated herself, her eyes gazed upon the heavy breasts of the zombie that sat above the devoured belly that was in the process of mending. Too heavy and full to bend forward and eat them, she grabbed each one in a hand and tugged. Thanks to the tenderization of zombies, she tore both succulent orbs away with much work. She couldn't help but bring one to her mouth, despite looking nine months pregnant and ready to blow. The tasty flesh was eaten quickly, which caused her belly to grow stretchmarks and tremble. Ignoring the new sensations, she finished the second breast. As she swallowed the last bite, it got lodged in her throat and she didn't have anything to wash it down with. "Of course the last piece had to get stuck. Though, I fear if it goes all the way, I might explode..."

An idea struck her, and as she began riding the gigantic cock wedged inside of her, she felt the last morsel shift. Faster and faster she rode, which also built her towards what was surely her final orgasm. She panted and moaned, swallowing whenever she could to help force the stuck treat down. Feeling her legs quiver and overly stuffed belly tense, she rose up as high as she could and slammed down with all her might. As her pussy exploded into orgasm, the final slam successfully dislodged the meaty bit and sent it down into her belly. "Oh god, cumming so hard... Oh no, my belly... it's-" With a sickening blast, her zombie meat stuffed belly burst, sending carnage easily ten feet away. The grave wound weakened her quickly, causing her to slump over even with a rigid pole still stuffed inside of her. As her vision faded, she smiled having been able to spend some of her last moments with her lover.

No matter how much time passed, her ruined body never turned into a zombie, leaving her to truly rot away. Unfortunately for the remaining survivors, she was the only one that was immune to turning, only to be overcome by her hunger.
Finished a bunch of the prompts, which were edited into the same post. At least two ideas were unique enough to warrant more writing. Unique = I write more!
Currently in one of my phases of not wanting to do anything, not even playing games! Should feel like writing again soon.
Today is the last day if you wanted any raffles or rewards on my Patreon for May!
The first version of the main Regeneratrix RPG is now on Patreon for $3. Now that I have a base understanding of everything, I will be back on writing stories and trying art again. Also thinking of a suicide store game that is purely reading. It starts you off in the store, you choose something, then read what happens.


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Sorry my ideas weren't gripping, but keep up the nice progress.
gorerat Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Professional Writer
There was nothing wrong with them, they just weren't for me. While most ideas people give me are far from what I'd want to write about, I still like asking for them since there's always the possibility an idea really inspires me!
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Hay you should look up brenda slither on google you may find it interesting.:D (Big Grin) 
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I've never seen the movie but have heard about it for a while and seen a few scenes. If you're talking about the explosion, they're a little too big for me.
i-m-v Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2016
read this part of the script.

INT. OLD BARN -- NIGHT Bill and Wally move cautiously but quickly inside. But they stop suddenly, in disgust and horror. BILL Oh... It's Brenda. And she doesn't look good. Her weepy little head is stuck to the front of a huge fleshy orb, which is what her body has become. This enormous ball of flesh is nine or ten feet tall. Vestigial fingers protrude from the sides. She is utterly immobile. Her flesh sloshes, slightly and constantly; a thousand snakes seem to be slithering beneath her thin, tight, bruised skin. The woman is in great pain. She SOBS. Her mouth and chin are stained with blood. The posse and Starla enter behind Bill and Wally and are equally astounded. OLDER COP Oh, shit! They see the source of the awful stench: Brenda is encircled by the rotting carcasses of cows and horses and forest critters. They are mostly skeletal, as they have been largely devoured. They're swarming with flies. The stench is so bad the posse cover their faces with the bottom of their shirts. The SOBBING Brenda looks desperately at Bill and Wally. BRENDA Something's wrong with me. WALLY Uh, yeah. Bill and Wally get in a little closer. BILL Brenda, um... BRENDA I didn't want no one to be seeing me like this. As the posse inch closer, Brenda's whole body suddenly LURCHES FORWARD a bit -- like whatever's inside her is trying to get out and to the posse. Brenda SCREAMS in agony. The posse jump back. They stare as she recomposes herself. BRENDA How are my boys, Bill? Are they all right? BILL Boys are fine, Brenda. Uh, what's -- what's happening here, exactly? BRENDA I'm so fucking hungry, Bill. I'm so hungry. I just never knew anybody could be so hungry. Brenda tries to smile in a way she might charm her Daddy into giving her candy. This is creepy as hell. BRENDA Would you mind handing me a piece of that possum there at your feet? Little bit? Trevor gags and runs out of the barn. EXT. OLD BARN -- NIGHT Trevor vomits into some bushes. INT. OLD BARN -- NIGHT Bill eyes poor Brenda. BILL I think we best get you to a hospital right quick. WALLY What the fuck they gonna do with her in a hospital, Bill? Again, Brenda SCREAMS. Her body LURCHES FORWARD. OLDER COP Why's she doing that?! REDNECK Her tumors is moving. JACK Bill, get her to stop that shit! BRENDA It hurts! Her body lurches forward AGAIN. She sobs. BRENDA Help me!! Help!! And then AGAIN. Starla notices that Brenda's skin is starting to SPLIT AND TEAR on her side. STARLA Bill! BRENDA Little fuckers are tearing me aparrrr-- ! Brenda SCREAMS like a woman giving a thousand evil births at once and her body RIPS OPEN in one part; and then, in quick succession, ANOTHER, and ANOTHER. Bill looks out one of the windows. Grant is peering in at them, smiling. BILL He led us here. And then Brenda's body BURSTS OPEN COMPLETELY, like a water balloon hitting cement, and thousands of little SLITHERING EYELESS PARASITES with slippery black--red skin like slugs spill forth. The horrid creatures, eight inches long and a few inches thick, swarm over the posse, completely covering them before they can react.

here's the full script… this sean is half way thourgh. 
Darkburster1 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Personally, even I thought it was disgusting, and I'm all about inflation/bursting...

One problem is you don't actially get to witness inflation, just the aftermath, the other is all the nasty cannible-like feel of things, and no hot girls get blown up.

Definitely not for me, but that's what I thought of that scene...
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