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Except for straight up gore, I go for pretty much anything that happens to a woman's body. Whether their bellies become ripe and burst, a stick of dynamite rips their body apart, or a buzz saw cuts them in half, I love a large variety of themes.

I also write much tamer erotica that I sell on Amazon, which is what I focus on when I'm not writing stories on here.

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Female Body Base
Decided to try drawing a little bit again. Drew with pencil first, then digitally drew lines with mouse. Despite the complete lack of practice, this is still better than a lot of what I've done.

Overall, I seem to know how to do shapes just fine, but details like the face I just can't do yet, so I let everything empty.
One thing that I haven't mentioned yet is, until I get a substantial amount of money, all Patreon revenue will go towards commission artwork of scenes from my stories. You could help crowdfund professional art for only 1$ a month!

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Feeling especially horny, a hunter queued up for some quick fun in the Snuffulator. They appeared in the form of a nicely tanned, busty, thick shemale with long brown hair and wide hips. Her entire sexy body was covered with a tight green shirt and equally tight jeans, which showed quite the bulge behind her zipper. She was named Brooke, and appeared inside of a cute little house.

Brooke ventured through the house, going from room to room to find the target that they had requested, "Where's my sexy target, I have a BIG surprise for you!" She said, giggling.

Finally, in the last room that she checked, a sexy young woman was laying on top of their bed. She was reading a book, which she quickly put away, then smiled at the huntress. Brooke savored the sexy sight before her as she moved towards the queen sized bed, noting the heavily pregnant belly of the girl. The young woman wore pink pajama pants and a loose black top that was bunched up underneath her bra-less, milk engorged breasts, exposing her belly completely.

"Hey there! Feel free to come lay next to me! I'm Stacie by the way." Stacie said cheerfully, one hand rubbing her gravid belly while the other patted the bed next to her.

"Hey! You can call me Brooke."

Brooke immediately took the invite, dashing towards the bed and jumping on it, sending Stacie's breasts bouncing within her shirt. The huntress joined Stacie in rubbing the pregnant form, allowing her to feel kicking from within.

"Are you pregnant in the real world?" Brooke asked with curiosity.

Stacie shook her head, "I used to be. With how much I had loved feeling full and tight, I decided to always appear pregnant in here. It even allows me to experience some rather unique things whenever a hunter requests a pregnant target!"

The bulge within Brooke's pants swelled further as she continued to gaze upon Stacie, "I've got something unique for you for sure! But first, lets get you a little bit more comfortable."

Brooke grasped Stacie's bunched up top and lifted it further up her body, causing her heavy breasts to flop out. Stacie instinctively lifted her arms up into the air, allowing the huntress to take the shirt all the way off. Reaching towards the furthest breast, Brooke cupped it and roughly squeezed, making Stacie moan. A stream of milk shot out of the puffy nipple, landing all over the pregnant swell.

"Let's not let any of this go to waste!" Brooke said as she sucked the nipple closest to her between her soft lips.

"Ooohh..... I've never had someone be so sensual in here with me!" Stacie said, feeling as Brooke suckled on her and gulped down warm, creamy milk. "Drink as much as you want."

The huntress kept sucking and nibbling on the puffy nipple, filling her mouth many times before sending it down to her hungry stomach. Stacie winced periodically when Brooke bit or pinched too hard, but she enjoyed every minute of it. Getting her fill, Brooke detached from both nipples, then licked her lips before leaned towards Stacie and kissing her. The pregnant, young woman returned the kiss while also squeezing Brooke's breasts through her shirt.

In the midst of kissing and fooling around, Stacie's hand wandered down to the front of Brooke's pants, detecting the throbbing organ within. "It looks like you brought me something big and hard to play with!" Stacie said as she gave it a playful squeeze.

"I sure did! And it's not going to be your only surprise." Brooke said, moaning as her swollen organ was tended to by supple hands.

While Stacie continued to fondle her, Brooke lifted her shirt off and unclasped her bra. Her large, perky breasts bounced free with the removal of their tight prison. There might not have been any milk inside of hers, but that didn't stop Stacie from sucking one of the newly freed nipples into her mouth.

"That feels so good..... but I'm sure you'd love to suck on something else instead!" Brooke sensually suggested, placing a hand on the one squeezing her pants.

Stretching the nipple outwards with her teeth, Stacie let go of it to send the whole breast wobbling. "Definitely! I bet you taste wonderful." Stacie said as she carefully repositioned her pregnant form until her face hovered right over the bulging pants.

Stacie masterfully worked the belt, button, and zipper, giving the bulge some much needed room once the pants opened wide. Lifting her ass off the bed, Brooke helped the pregnant girl remove her pants and underwear down off of her hips. The huntress' massive cock bounced free and stood completely rigid as it pointed up towards the ceiling, bobbing in place as it madly throbbed in the hopes of someone tending to it. Stacie obliged, wrapping her fingers tightly around the hot length and tugged on it. Brooke held herself up on her elbows, giving her the perfect angle to watch Stacie work her magic.

"That's it, stroke my hard, thick cock!" Brooke lustfully demanded. It was a relief to have such a hot, pregnant woman working her shaft, making Brooke bite her lip and throw back her head. "Don't worry if you make me cum too soon, as I can easily refill my balls to go again!" Brooke said as she winked at Stacie.

To help move things along, Brooke sent her balls into overdrive, making a steady stream of pre-cum flow out of her. Stacie's hand was quickly covered in a thick layer of it, running down further to coat the whole length and pool onto the sheets bellow.

"You're making a mess of my bed! I think I have a solution for that though." Stacie said, then parted her soft, wet lips and enveloped Brooke's hot glans between them.

Heavy breaths left Brooke's lungs as her chest heaved, overwhelmed with sensations. Pleasure washed through the entire throbbing length of her dick, accumulating within the base. Stacie was quite skilled, running her tongue in circles around the blood engorged head and bobbing her head up and down on the entire length, all the while stroking it with her hand. Her other hand slipped between Brooke's legs, rolling the fat balls around in her fingers. Too overwhelmed to hold herself up any longer, Brooke collapsed back onto the bed, only to send her hands back to work on both neglected nipples.

"I-I'm almost there!" Brooke warned Stacie.

Stacie doubled her efforts, sucking hard enough that pre-cum filled her mouth like she was drinking a milkshake. Brooke's balls tightened, and as her belly tensed and legs quaked, she cried out in ecstasy right as her climax exploded through her. Following powerful pulsations traveling up through Brooke's cock, Stacie's eyes went wide as her mouth overflowed with hot, creamy seed. She expertly gulped it right down, making sure to not let a single drop leak from her lips.

With the last pump of cum, Stacie popped Brooke's cock free from her mouth, then laid back down where she had been. "That was a wonderful creamy treat."

Brooke didn't feel quite as horny now, so it was finally time to do what she really came here for. "And you were a wonderful cock sucker. But now, I have someone I would like you to meet!"

Before Stacie could ask who it was, heavy footsteps rang out through the house. They grew louder as their source traveled down the hallway, quickly approaching the bedroom door. Unable to blink, Stacie stared at the doorway until a hulking, dark figure appeared, causing her eyes to go wide and her jaw to drop. Standing before them, looking at them with an eyeless face, was an alien monstrosity.

"Hello! Did you come to join the party?" Stacie asked the figure, not feeling one hint of fear.

"They sure did!" Brooke slid a hand down over Stacie's gravid belly to her pink pajamas while she was distracted, slipping inside. "It might seem strange, but they came just so they could give you a kiss!"

"Oh, really? Surely they would want more than just a kiss." Stacie said, completely unaware of just what was about to happen. "Especially with a body as sexy as mine."

Stacie suddenly gasped when Brooke's fingers found her clit, breaking her focus off of the predalien. As Brooke worked her digits in a circle around the swollen pleasure nub, the predalien slowly walked further into the room. Working its way around the bed, Stacie soon came face to face with the alien as it loomed over her, kneeling next to the bed. She looked over at it as she moaned in delight, able to clearly see every last detail. From dreadlocks sprouting from its head, the lack of eyes, and menacing mandibles, she couldn't quite figure out how she was going to receive a kiss.

The pregnant girl's chest heaved greatly from her clit being tended to, already feeling an explosive orgasm approaching. Slime dripped down onto her arm as the predalien prepared itself, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

"W-What are t-they waitin- Fuck, I'm so close to cumming!" Stacie's heart felt like it was about to explode out of her chest, her legs quivering like mad. With a few last furious strokes over her clit, the inevitable climax finally washed through her body. "I'm cumming!"

With the intense orgasm cascading through her, the predalien finally struck right as she let out her scream of ecstasy, leaving her mouth wide open for the attack. She had no idea what happened when her face was suddenly enveloped by mandibles, eyes going wide when she felt a thick, slimy tube push between her lips and slip down her tight throat with ease. The appendage began pulsating like mad, much stronger than Brooke's cock had earlier.

"Oops! I should have warned you, they like giving french kisses!" Brooke said as she slipped her fingers into Stacie's pussy, feeling it pulsate around her.

Snuffulator: More Than Just A Kiss - Preview

Get the full story, at just over 2700 words, at my Patreon.

Contains predalien impregnation and bursting.

At only a $1 pledge, you can get full access to this story and early access to other stories.

Bonus question: Wherever possible, should I make every Snuffulator chapter contain as much erotica as possible? Or is it too generic and distracting from just having sexy women burst?


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chewyyy Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2017
Thanks for the favorite!!
forzepornz Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2016
Sorry my ideas weren't gripping, but keep up the nice progress.
gorerat Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2016  Professional Writer
There was nothing wrong with them, they just weren't for me. While most ideas people give me are far from what I'd want to write about, I still like asking for them since there's always the possibility an idea really inspires me!
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Hi. Been writing erotica for Amazon.
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Ah, ok
Darkburster1 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I was wondering why there hasn't been any activity, there's always gonna be haters- ignore em!
i-m-v Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2016
Hay you should look up brenda slither on google you may find it interesting.:D (Big Grin) 
gorerat Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2016  Professional Writer
I've never seen the movie but have heard about it for a while and seen a few scenes. If you're talking about the explosion, they're a little too big for me.
i-m-v Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2016
read this part of the script.

INT. OLD BARN -- NIGHT Bill and Wally move cautiously but quickly inside. But they stop suddenly, in disgust and horror. BILL Oh... It's Brenda. And she doesn't look good. Her weepy little head is stuck to the front of a huge fleshy orb, which is what her body has become. This enormous ball of flesh is nine or ten feet tall. Vestigial fingers protrude from the sides. She is utterly immobile. Her flesh sloshes, slightly and constantly; a thousand snakes seem to be slithering beneath her thin, tight, bruised skin. The woman is in great pain. She SOBS. Her mouth and chin are stained with blood. The posse and Starla enter behind Bill and Wally and are equally astounded. OLDER COP Oh, shit! They see the source of the awful stench: Brenda is encircled by the rotting carcasses of cows and horses and forest critters. They are mostly skeletal, as they have been largely devoured. They're swarming with flies. The stench is so bad the posse cover their faces with the bottom of their shirts. The SOBBING Brenda looks desperately at Bill and Wally. BRENDA Something's wrong with me. WALLY Uh, yeah. Bill and Wally get in a little closer. BILL Brenda, um... BRENDA I didn't want no one to be seeing me like this. As the posse inch closer, Brenda's whole body suddenly LURCHES FORWARD a bit -- like whatever's inside her is trying to get out and to the posse. Brenda SCREAMS in agony. The posse jump back. They stare as she recomposes herself. BRENDA How are my boys, Bill? Are they all right? BILL Boys are fine, Brenda. Uh, what's -- what's happening here, exactly? BRENDA I'm so fucking hungry, Bill. I'm so hungry. I just never knew anybody could be so hungry. Brenda tries to smile in a way she might charm her Daddy into giving her candy. This is creepy as hell. BRENDA Would you mind handing me a piece of that possum there at your feet? Little bit? Trevor gags and runs out of the barn. EXT. OLD BARN -- NIGHT Trevor vomits into some bushes. INT. OLD BARN -- NIGHT Bill eyes poor Brenda. BILL I think we best get you to a hospital right quick. WALLY What the fuck they gonna do with her in a hospital, Bill? Again, Brenda SCREAMS. Her body LURCHES FORWARD. OLDER COP Why's she doing that?! REDNECK Her tumors is moving. JACK Bill, get her to stop that shit! BRENDA It hurts! Her body lurches forward AGAIN. She sobs. BRENDA Help me!! Help!! And then AGAIN. Starla notices that Brenda's skin is starting to SPLIT AND TEAR on her side. STARLA Bill! BRENDA Little fuckers are tearing me aparrrr-- ! Brenda SCREAMS like a woman giving a thousand evil births at once and her body RIPS OPEN in one part; and then, in quick succession, ANOTHER, and ANOTHER. Bill looks out one of the windows. Grant is peering in at them, smiling. BILL He led us here. And then Brenda's body BURSTS OPEN COMPLETELY, like a water balloon hitting cement, and thousands of little SLITHERING EYELESS PARASITES with slippery black--red skin like slugs spill forth. The horrid creatures, eight inches long and a few inches thick, swarm over the posse, completely covering them before they can react.

here's the full script… this sean is half way thourgh. 
Darkburster1 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Personally, even I thought it was disgusting, and I'm all about inflation/bursting...

One problem is you don't actially get to witness inflation, just the aftermath, the other is all the nasty cannible-like feel of things, and no hot girls get blown up.

Definitely not for me, but that's what I thought of that scene...
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